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Pyne Hamlet Properties will offer deliciously comfortable and highly energy efficient, oak, post and beam cottages, crafted and imported by the internationally renowned oak frame company, ‘Border Oak’, who are based in the heartland of England - Bespoke designs, handmade by highly skilled craftsmen using heritage techniques dating back to the 13th Century. Pyne Hamlet Properties’ supremely attractive cottages will be built with the use of environmentally friendly construction materials and methods, with low carbon energy provision using highly efficient biomas boilers and heat pumps enabling heat and light at absolutely minimal cost, and as such, the hamlet plans to be one of the most energy efficient settlements in the province.

Pyne Hamlet Properties’ environmental impact will be minimal and aim to approach the most modern standards of ‘zero-carbon’, thanks to Border Oak's and our commitments to sustainable designs. Luxury, beauty and environmentally responsible design will combine to create a wonderfully functional and modern hamlet attractively built in harmony within the local forested environment in this special corner of BC, whilst providing for the ultimate in accommodation needs of corporations and their executives. The critical features of Pyne Hamlet's cottages will include:

  • Exceptional and thoroughly-tested insulation systems
  • Cottages are virtually airtight
  • Natural, low-impact materials
  • Green oak - carbon store, low embodied energy, non-toxic
  • Lime renders
  • Passive solar design
  • Bio mass boilers
  • Geo thermal heat extraction
  • Waste management scheme
  • Reclaimed/re-used/recycled materials
  • Grey water harvesting
  • Carbon neutral
  • Minimal use of concrete and cement

The idyllic and responsible countryside aesthetic of Border Oak’s cottages relies on the use of wood. Out of respect for these materials and the environment, Pyne Hamlet and Border Oak are both committed to using FSC and PEFC timber. The cottages at Pyne Hamlet Properties will be built without wood from contested forest areas, from conservation areas, or from genetically modified or illegally harvested trees.

Pyne Hamlet Properties will be built according to LEED standards of Canada. LEED® Canada for Homes is a rating system that promotes the design and construction of high-performance green homes. A green home uses less energy, water and natural resources; creates less waste; and is healthier and more comfortable for the occupants.

While there are already a number of local or regional green homebuilding programs, LEED® Canada for Homes is attempting to provide national consistency in defining the features of a green home and to enable builders anywhere in the country to obtain a green rating on their homes. LEED® Canada for Homes represents a consensus standard for green homebuilding developed and refined by a diverse cadre of national experts and experienced green builders. The LEED® Canada for Homes Rating System is part of the comprehensive suite of LEED® assessment tools offered by the CaGBC to promote sustainable design, construction, and operations practices in buildings nationwide.





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